Women's Posing Tips

Take care ahead of time to make your hair look it's best. Hair is carefully lit from 5 different directions. Your photographer keeps a mirror, gel and hairspray handy for last second styling. Bangs should stay out of the eyes. Avoid trendy or brash hairstyles. However, be yourself. Minor strays are easily retouched.
Jewelry can be a tasteful addition to your portrait. Classic works well with drape photos. Family heirloom jewelry is often worn. Finished nails with rings and bracelets can work nicely. Casual jewelry matched with casual outfits work well.

Most poses are from the waist up.
Avoid loud bright colors and patterns as they distract from the face. Solid colors and simple outfits work well. Wear long sleeves. Arm size is emphasized with short sleeves. A private changing area will be available close to the shooting area. We supply a clean, black velvet ladies portrait drape for your portrait. Avoid sports bras if you plan to wear the drape. For your comfort and ease bring along a thin strapped tank top or a tube top to wear beneath the drape. Cap & gown is available during summer sittings.

What looks good in the mirror will look great in your portrait! Don't worry about blemishes.
They are automatically retouched.  Less is more. No heavy foundation is required. Avoid clumping or smeared eye makeup. Too much lip gloss can be overly reflective. Avoid tan in a bottle products, they reproduce unnaturally. Go easy with colored foundation for portraits in the drape. Upper chest and shoulder skin color should match the face color. Generally we can get a more natural color and skin texture with our standard facial retouching than with heavy foundation make up. We smooth and adjust your skin tone to a natural hue before printing. Clear deodorant helps avoid white marks.

We realize that there is a good chance that this is your best opportunity to get the nicest portrait of your life. Some pressure! Most people hate sitting for portraits. It naturally makes you uncomfortable. Unless you are a great liar, it will show in your expression. But only for the first 5 or 6 shots. Think of the first few shots as a "warm up". Posing is like anything else, after you do it a few times it gets easier. The photographer will help you along by telling you stupid jokes that aren't funny. Feel free to bring along a friend. We will give you relative privacy when your portrait is taken. For best results your friends or mom can wait nearby, but not watch as you're photographed. An audience can be very distracting inducing you to perform rather than simply being yourself.