Our goal is to create your portrait that captures the "true" you at your best.
Standard Facial Retouching is included with all  of our portrait packages and finished prints.
Don't worry about blemishes, shine or bags beneath your eyes. We will blend your skin smooth, realistic and natural, enhance your eyes and teeth as well as remove stray hair. As you can see from the examples, we clean you up!
Generally, women's skin is blended soft, accentuating it's natural glow. Masculine portraits retain more texture to emphasize character. Moles, beauty marks and scars stay unless you request their removal. We are careful not to "over retouch" resulting in a plastic, mask like, artificial look.
Additional Retouching
per pose
Glass Glare & Distortion $15.00
Body or Facial Slimming $10.00
Braces Removed $25.00
Major Tan Lines $10.00
Nose or Lip Ring $10.00
Scars $10.00
Major Stray Hair $10.00
Please feel free to call us to discuss
any other special retouching