During late spring  and summer, most appointments are made by mail. Your appointment time will be listed at the bottom of a letter that we mail to you 3-4 weeks before your shoot .Please note your appointment time and prepare accordingly. If there is a problem or you would like to change your appointment time, please feel free to call
(845)266-8220 to reschedule. We realize it may seem very early to begin Senior Portraits. However most schools have an early color deadline for their senior section and is often the first section to go to print. Early shooting also allows for a resit should you be less than thrilled by your first sitting. We strongly urge you to make your summer appointment as the photographer can generally spend more time with you. Make up sessions in the fall tend to be more hectic with a more urgent deadline. Cap & gown portraits are not available during makeups. Make up portrait days in the fall are scheduled at the school with an appointment sign-up sheet. See your yearbook adviser the first week of school for more info. It is best to sign up early as many students wait till the last day or two and end up closed out.

  In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your portraits. Please accept our apology.
  We have a simple policy.   Just return all your portraits for a full prompt refund.     
Requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of purchase

Generally, you will receive "proofs" from your photo shoot in the mail within a few days to a week after your shoot. The proofs are yours FREE to keep and are included in  the sitting fee that you pay when you are photographed. The proofs are small 2"x3" prints of each pose taken. Blinks and miscued poses are removed. Proofs are made for you to decide which pose or poses that you like the best. They are uncropped, unstraightened, unretouched and neither color nor density corrected. They have a copyright printed on them.  Do not judge them for technical or finished merit. They are solely for pose selection. Use them to choose your yearbook choice, plus any finished prints or packages you want to order.. There is a remarkable increase in quality with the finished prints that you order.

Your Portrait For The Yearbook
Included with your proofs is a notice regarding the deadline for you to select which pose you would like printed in your yearbook. Please select your favorite pose and fill out the order form and return to us by the deadline. We wait as long as we can to process yearbook poses. If we receive no response or order from you past the deadline, we must choose for you so that there is not a blank for your spot in the yearbook. Once the yearbook photos are submitted to the yearbooks it is well too late to change or choose your pose. So, please respond to us with your yearbook choice by the deadline. Your yearbook pose will be automatically retouched at no extra charge if it is the same as any pose that you order from. We will deliver your yearbook photo directly to your school's yearbook adviser. We keep your digital images on file for 3 years after graduation. You can make an order at any time.

Sitting Fee

Your sitting fee is collected at the start your photo shoot. This pays for your photo shoot, proofs and yearbook photo. If you like your portraits you can purchase any amount of finished prints from any of your proofs. See our price list for more info.

10 - 20 Different shots in 3 or 4 different pose setups and backgrounds. One outfit only.

20 - 30 Different shots. This sitting allows for two outfits (usually formal and cap and gown)

{not available during makeups}

Finished Portraits
We take tremendous pride in the job we do from start to finish! It all comes together in our finished prints. We combine the finest digital and traditional technology to create stunning archival heirlooms.  Prints are made on Epson Paper (tm), tested to last over 100 years. They are tastefully custom cropped, retouched, enhanced,straightened, skin color is pleasantly balanced.
We accept cash, checks, money orders, travelers checks, VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL and AMERICAN EXPRESS
There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks
Black and White, as well as Sepia toned prints are available from any proof at the same prices as color

Note your selection in the special instructions box with your order