We supply clean tuxedos from small to 5x- 56XL.
Please bring or wear a clean white tee shirt to wear beneath the tuxedo shirt.
We supply graduation cap and gown if requested (summer sittings only).
Wear clothing that fits you well and that you feel comfortable in.
Avoid large prints and loud colors as they distract from the face.
Most portraits are from the waist up, so pants and shoes don't matter.

Most men can be reluctant to relax and smile. On behalf of all mothers, we request just a few with an honest open smile. Think of those poses as your mothers trophy. It's not too much to ask after everything she does. It may seem silly to you, but means the world to most moms.

We try to get a good variety of expressions during your photo shoot. Serious, dignified, light grin and a smile. You can usually choose something more dignified for the yearbook while perhaps your mom can pick an honest smile. We realize most people (especially men) hate posing. It naturally makes you uncomfortable. Unless you are a great liar, it will show in your expression. But only for the first 5 or 6 shots. Think of the first few shots as a "warm up". Posing is like anything else, after you do it a few times it gets easier. The photographer will help you along by telling you stupid and annoying jokes that aren't funny.

Plan a fresh haircut before your appointment
Avoid any radical haircuts till after your portrait
Have a close shave, stubble will show clearly.
Avoid Sunburn
Don't worry about blemishes, we retouch finished portraits automatically

Men's Tips